christmas in july

What were you up to this weekend? Some friends of friends of mine had a little Christmas in July get together this weekend. I am not sure as to the origin of this lovely holiday, but here are a few links that will attempt to explain. 

Here are a few photos of my roommates and I’s Christmas tree – true Charlie Brown style – from Christmas 2010.

Walking through the tree lot – which one do we want? 
This one is definitely a winner, wrap it and bag it! 

Finished project!

oops…how did that get in there?

Here is our beautiful tree decorated in our finest handmade creations.
Who needs branches at the top of the tree?
Give your angel a little room to shine! 
Tree story: We bought this tree at the tree lot right in front of St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery. After paying too much for our little tree our nice salesman told us that he could sell us his tree stand for half the price of a new one. Great! He conveniently lived across the street – I mean obviously. We proceeded to wait at a bar close by holding our tree waiting for him to bring us the tree stand. He didn’t want his boss to see. Now that is the true holiday spirit. If you live in NY stop by their little tree lot come the true holiday season.
Don’t worry, Etsy ornament store soon to come.
Learn how to make your own angels out of coffee filters here:
If you need to learn how to make paper chains ask the nearest eight year old or get back in touch with your childhood crafting years. Didn’t everyone go through that phase?
Much love and enjoy your Monday morning!


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