lusting after…

It’s quite sunny here in NYC, actually there’s a 40% chance of rain today, but that’s irrelevant. One, I am doubting that it will even rain, and two, I still need sunglasses in the rain! I hate when the rain pelts my eyes, not comfortable. Currently I am having a mini-love affair with Karen Walker sunglasses like those below. I love me some tortoise…

Daviiiiid likes to keep things interesting…
with palm trees and flamingos.

David is my best friend Melissa’s dad. Melissa sent me this gem of a picture after I couldn’t make it to a wedding at home. She was keeping me updated on the evening events, like her dad taking a cat nap in their car before the reception. Melissa was seen in this post as rule #7.
Shout out to the Hand familia!

Do you wear sunglasses when it rains? What are your must have sunglasses of the moment?

Karen Walker Sunglasses, $180


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