fallon’s wish list

Meet Fallon, or as I call her Falafel or Fal, shown below with her nephew Charles.
Fallon’s wish list:
New datebook fillers for the 2012!

 I can always count on one of these from my mom who knows how much I LOVE my coffee!

black power booties (Blair says every girl needs a pair)

perfect for new years, simple with some sparkle

A puppy popping out of a box with a big red bow tied around his neck.

A red and green plaid wool infinity scarf perfect for chilly evenings.


What do you do?
I sell cashmere to the ladies of the Upper East Side while simultaneously producing my future talk show in my head. (brought to you by NBC!)
What do you love most about Christmas?
Lights! On a tree, hanging on a house, up in the sky, wrapped around garland, decorated in a church, hung in shopping windows…
What’s your favorite family holiday tradition?
Eating my Nona’s (grandma in italian) famous-most-delicious-passed-down-from-Italy lasagna on Christmas Eve morning with my family 🙂
How did you decorate for the holidays?
The [three] christmas trees went up on October 29th (hey, if it snows, it means it’s christmas time) and then after Thanksgiving, we put up the rest of the stockings and lights!
Where will you be spending Christmas?
Christmas day (and the days before and after) will be spent in the ‘lake-effect snow’ area of my lovely hometown in Saint Joseph, Michigan with my dad’s side of the family! Then I will be having a post New Years Christmas celebration with my mom’s side of the family down in beautiful and sunny Florida!

Thanks Fal. Great list – I mean what can I say…


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