on my mind…

One of my favorite blogs is the Lil Bee. Every Monday morning she posts what’s on her mind so here’s my attempt.

On my mind this Monday morning:

I need to tap into my creative spirit.
Potentially take knitting classes?
Any ideas from the peanut gallery. 
I’m thinking of photography.
I think if I could go to work in long gowns everyday I would.
Or I would just buy them to wear to the grocery store.
Which is what I used to tell my parents when I asked
for random cocktail dresses every Christmas.
I need to figure out my vacations for the year.
Italy, London, Paris are all up in the air.
I’m thinking Istanbul, but I can’t get Venice out of my mind.
You can get lost on the little streets that run along the canals.
Maybe I should start working on learning Italian.
I saw a Broadway play this weekend.
Oh how I wish I could sing and dance.
Beyonce would have to watch out.
I mean the people at the Starbucks next to my office already call me B (I may have requested this nickname).
I just started drinking coffee. 
I’ll take a tall blond please – the coffee or Alexander Skarsgard. 
What languages do you speak?
Ciao bella! 

vday va va voom

You’ve seen her here before, and I know you love her. Whitney from CityClectic is back to give us some much needed advice on her new favorite lingerie lines. Take notes ladies and then let’s go shopping…

As good ol’ Saint Valentine’s Day approaches, some of you might be wondering whether suiting up in sassy garb is worth the effort. In my opinion, occasion or no-occasion, a slinky little number is always a mood-booster (for both you and that special someone). Two of my favorite lines right now:

Blush’s spring line definitely has that vixen vibe, yet it remains playful and vibrant in a young, fresh way.


From Blush
Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s* lingerie line for Kiki de Montparnasse embodies a classier feel…sporting this style of skivvies makes me spin off into an Audrey Hepburn world of glamour and poise…and somehow elegant modesty.
Elle magazine asks Julia: What do you look for in lingerie?

JR: I look for styles that enhance and flatter my body. I always go for body conscious instead of trendy. I remember a little while ago, the downtown trend in New York was to wear a bandeau bra that you would see popping out of the side of your shirt. I guess it works for very, very small breasts, but for me, it would just be plain unflattering. So yes, what I look for in lingerie is “femininity” and [something] body enhancing. I appreciate lingerie that empowers women and celebrates the female form. The fit and quality is so important, and I like materials that feel very soft against the skin. Lingerie should feel as good to wear as it looks. I buy lingerie for myself, not even for my boyfriend. I think it is really important for a woman to feel good about herself and buying lingerie that makes you feel good is a great way to start. Even if it’s just for yourself—even if no one else sees it—you know it, you feel it, and I believe it gives you that extra confidence.

From Elle


Thanks Whitney! 

I’ll take one of everything. 

What do you look for in lingerie? 

*Just had to add that Julia is the daughter of famed fashion vixen and ex-Vogue Paris editor extraordinaire Carine Roitfeld – seen here before. Obviously the fabulousness just runs in the family.

weekend couture

A little couture to kick of the weekend.
Elie Saab 


Giambattista Valli


I may or may not be sporting a cobalt blue pleated maxi skirt tonight for dinner and drinks out with some friends. It’s not even close to couture, but it makes me feel special all the same. 

Do you have an item/outfit that you just can’t wait to wear? 

Pics to come of the blue maxi.

Bon weekend!

all images via style.com

snowy white kitchens

I love my small NYC apartment, but from time to time I miss having a big, spacious kitchen to cook in. I am loving the clean, crisp look of these white kitchens below – especially the first one that has an old fireplace and brass fixtures. Sigh, the large dinner parties will just have to wait.

What is your kitchen like?
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