on my mind…

One of my favorite blogs is the Lil Bee. Every Monday morning she posts what’s on her mind so here’s my attempt.

On my mind this Monday morning:

I need to tap into my creative spirit.
Potentially take knitting classes?
Any ideas from the peanut gallery. 
I’m thinking of photography.
I think if I could go to work in long gowns everyday I would.
Or I would just buy them to wear to the grocery store.
Which is what I used to tell my parents when I asked
for random cocktail dresses every Christmas.
I need to figure out my vacations for the year.
Italy, London, Paris are all up in the air.
I’m thinking Istanbul, but I can’t get Venice out of my mind.
You can get lost on the little streets that run along the canals.
Maybe I should start working on learning Italian.
I saw a Broadway play this weekend.
Oh how I wish I could sing and dance.
Beyonce would have to watch out.
I mean the people at the Starbucks next to my office already call me B (I may have requested this nickname).
I just started drinking coffee. 
I’ll take a tall blond please – the coffee or Alexander Skarsgard. 
What languages do you speak?
Ciao bella! 


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