daisy and gatsby: a love affair to remember

The tarnished love affair of young Daisy and the mysterious Mr. Gatsby was one romance I did not mind reading about in school. I remember vividly picturing the novel in my mind, with their two houses across the lake from each other, and Daisy just driving along that road…sigh. I cannot wait to see it alive on the big screen. Leo is the perfect Mr. Gatsby. See for yourself – trailer below:

The roaring 20’s is one decade I would love to visit. What would I wear you ask? Check out some of my favorite 1920’s pieces from 1stdibs:
Chanel Couture (need I say more?!)
the back

Vintage Bill Blass, $950

beaded flapper dress

Jacomo silk clutch, $450

Buscha skull cap, $575

art deco dress

beaded sheath dress

vintage Hermes Paris

silk art deco gown

I WANT IT NOW – brocade gown

1920’s beaded necklace

looks amazing on – chiffon dress

pink organdy dress, $675
dark green glass bead bag

one of my faves –
beaded fish scale gown
Art Deco necklace

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
Will you see the movie? If you could go back to one decade for a day, which one would it be?
video via youtube via vogueandcoffee, all images via 1stdibs, quote

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