trainin’ away

I’m on a boat train! I’m headed to Boston for work today on the Acela. It travels up to 150 miles per hour so overhead bins must stay closed as luggage may shift during the ride. Just so you know 😉 I love trains…
What does one wear on the train? So glad you asked:

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Forever and always my dream train ride.


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I usually don’t like to post celeb pics – but he just looks so damn good in that tux! 
Have you read the Fifty Shades series? There was so much hype surrounding the books that I figured I’d give them a shot, and will update my book page with a review soon. Who would be your top choice to play Fifty in the feature film? Found this article funny – I think Ian would be perfect, and those who know me know I have a minor crush on the #2 choice. Here’s a new series that is supposedly the next Fifty Shades. Although I think I’ll have to read something a bit more serious before I just dive right back in.

What are you currently reading? 

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I was out of town this weekend and found my favorite new hangout. It’s a cute little bar/restaurant called the Surf Lodge out in Montauk…and why did I love it so much? Because it’s under the stars, on the water, and you can smell the ocean. I just kept looking up at the sky because stars are just not something I’m used to seeing in the city. On my way back into town my friends and I ran into some very nice people from Helsinki, Finland. We got to talking and I’ve decided that it’s moving to my top 5 list. I’ve decided to take my love of star gazing to the next level and go see the Aurora Borealis. 

Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland 2011 from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

Hope you had an amazing weekend.