are you a busy bee? oui

I found this article in the Times so interesting. I don’t think it’s healthy when you reach the point where free time stresses you out because you don’t know what to do with it, or if you can’t stand being by yourself…eek! Especially in NY, I feel like it’s a city of ‘busy’ people. Dinners, drinks, exercise classes, frozen yogurt dates, walks in the park, work events – you name it, it’s happening. There are weeks when I have something planned every night – and truth be told – I LOVE it. Someone pointed out that it is almost a NY thing where people are more social on the week days not just the weekends. Who knows? But all I know is one weekend out of town, and I snap out of it. Put me by a pool with a book in one hand and a drink in the other, and I’m blissfully happy. 
Can you relate to the article?

2 thoughts on “are you a busy bee? oui

  1. hehe had such fun! trying to thing of the most memorable quote of the night…might be revolving around daph's squash skills:*'i mean don't say i'm an amazing quash player, i haven't played in years'or*'i've been single for the last three years…i mean it's okay'she needs to teach us so we can be amazing squash players!*these quotes may not be word for word correct xoxo

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