memory lane: cookie monster

I’m not one to delve into my personal life on my blog. That’s never going to be me, but I don’t mind sharing a few memories or stories that make me smile:

Growing up my mom made me homemade chocolate chip cookies every week. If there’s a recipe, we tried it – but tended to always fall back on Nestle Tollhouse. We always had a difficult time making them puffy, tried different baking sheets, different recipes, different flours, etc. I can probably say I’ve eaten more chocolate chip cookies throughout my childhood than most people have in their entire lifetime. I took them to lunch everyday and did not stray far from the cookie jar at home. My friend Maggie would come over and head straight for it then look at my mom and ask ‘why no cookies?!’ in the rare case that we were out. I can taste a fake one solely by a little nibble…if it’s not homemade then BUH BYE. This little tid bit on my life was inspired by this cute cookie monster video. Enjoy!

My favorite cookies in the city. 
I’m basically Liz Lemon, but with cookies:
If you haven’t been here stop everything you’re doing and go NOW.

Skip the cupcakes, go for a cookie.

Available at Union Square Green Market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, I know because I’ve emailed specifically for the cookie schedule, NBD. Spotted: Blair sprinting across the farmer’s market to purchase a cookie before they closed (true story, they told me they were sold out – I was near tears – and then found one last one! I held it up high in the air…like Mario and a gold star.) If you are ever walking through the farmer’s market with me there is a 99.9% chance I will point them out to you and mention my love affair with them.

What’s something that automatically reminds you of your childhood?

PS – the perfect stationery for a baker

pb cookie, raisinvideo
*this is not my picture and/or hand…just had to let you know

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