happy friday!

Have a great weekend! xoxo b quote, flowers, table, french, dress, serendipity, ceiling, shoes


Adorable. Any good love stories out there or tales of woe? Feel free to share. xxb best quote, hold me, airplane, kiss frame, kiss quote, hands, reason quote, secret, now or never, say yes

pick a petal

reminds me of a flower When’s the last time you bought/received flowers? Tell me about them! I love a good story. No matter the length. xxb flowers 1, 2, 3, vionnet

fall…are you there?

Come fall, all I want to do is nest, stay home, cook yummy meals and bake away. Supper club coming soon… roasted apple spice sheet cake pecan pie muffins pumpkin spiced oatmeal pecan cookies apple & cinnamon wholegrain breakfast strata Who wants to go apple picking with me?! ps – one more! images via: smittenkitchen,…

almost famous

Oh, how I love these movies… you may say i’m a dreamer…(i am) My modern day take –  Mulberry Spring 2013: Um…I’ll take it. xoxo B movie, quote, movie, beatles, all Mulberry photos via style.com

monday monday

So uplifting.I love this jewelry line,and this home store,and I love YOU.Here’s to a wonderful week ahead.xxb dress, kiss print, letters, miu miu heels, chanel, missing link – please email me if you find it!, quote

fall must-haves continued…

From shopbop to ssense the falllist continues to expand, oopsies ;):  Mandy Coon, $1100 YSL, $995 Rick Owens, $3025 Kimberly Ovitz, $530LOVE Philip Lim, $375 By Malene Berger, $365 Aurelie Bidermann, $905 Karolina Zmarlak, $1495 Can you pick up on my color palette for the season? What’s yours? xoxo B ps: just because! All images via:…

cute loafers

Wanted, white penny loafers $49.99 That’s all. xx b image via: sidewalkready

i’d like to buy a vowel…

Or really just a B please. Currently obsessed with Maya Brenner’s initial necklaces and bracelets. On the necklace you can get up to three letters and on the bracelet four.  mini letter necklace, $198 mini letter bracelet, $185 I’ll take a single B bracelet please.  What letter(s) would you get?  all images via Maya Brenner

weekend recap

This weekend I… spent lazy mornings at home – still unpacking* from my move, brunched** with a friend, perused fall clothes at some of my favorite stores, slept in late,(Clare Elsaesser prints) finished a good book and started another, found my new neighborhood bar, and discovered (thanks Hillary!) my newfavorite outdoor hangout – I loveliving so close to the water. Such a…

to the north fork with ali

Get excited!! How she has not been featured before, I just don’t know, but you better get used to her ladies and gents because she’s here to stay. One of my favorite fashion vixens and top Quelle Rigolade fan went on a little weekend getaway and has decided to tell all…well at least tell us…

fall must-haves

Just browsing through the new items on Shopbop pre-planning my fall wardrobe, and figured I would share some of my favorites: Rag & Bone gloves are never far from my heart… Besides my serious addiction to booties,my must have for fall – leather leggings! Nothing says fall more than a fresh pairof Rag & Bone booties –…