HAPPY HALLOWEEN YUM. YUMMIER. HALLOWEEN TRAVELS. In case you’re still at home today. ps – longer post later xoxo B tutu Advertisements

jump for joy

It’s Friday!! would you wear lobe earrings? i like ’em! feels like home leatha’ ‘i run this town’ i’m out of here. A busy weekend ahead. Much to do and will recap soon. xoxo B ps – my weekend theme song, an inspirational read, and i’ll take a Jameson Brown Banana please images via: jumping, earrings, … More jump for joy


Talking with a friend this weekend about world travels, and I mentioned my love for Paris, and he asked why aren’t you there? Best question I’ve been asked in a long time. Although it may just be Wednesday, and I may just be staring away at my computer screen for another day, we can always … More paris

tuesday crush…

I am loving these leather bags from the brand Deadly Ponies. mr bone mailman mr mini chain mail mr chain mail Handmade in the heart of New Zealand: Deadly Ponies from Deadly Ponies on Vimeo. xo images via:

all black

Growing up and going shopping, my mom always tried to convince me to get another color other than black. No, I did not go through a gothic phase (just had to put that out there). The perennial question was ‘do you really need another black dress?’ That is like someone asking me if I really need another … More all black