quelle couleur?

Can we please discuss how you pick your nail color?

I usually have an idea going into the salon of the sort of color I am feeling – soft, dark, fierce, ethereal, etc. I am not the girl who can name colors by seeing them. Although I do have those friends – ahem…Whitney. Usually I spot a color and am oddly drawn to it. There was one week where I continually went into CVS and kept trying on the same blue nail polish. My friend and her sister talked me out of it saying it was smurf-like. I decided against it because it was also one of my company’s colors, and I didn’t feel like being a mascot, but for that week I was obsessed. 

I had to bring up this topic because I got a mani pedi over the weekend, and my toes are the color of the bag below. I walked in, my eyes went straight to that color, and I have no idea why.

Essie Navigate Her
…but I love it, and my nails may or may not be gold sparkles. The manicurist was ever so kind to make sure I had ample sparkle dispersement on each finger. I will be going back to her for sure.

My toes.

My nails.

My salon.


Tell me about your color selection process! 
What color are you nails now?

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