Proenza has a backpack…let’s discuss.


I can’t help but love it! I went to hear JackĀ and Lazzaro speak at an event held at the Apple store in NYC during fashion week. I found them to be intelligent young men who are passionate about their craft. TheirĀ Fall Winter 2014 2015 collection.

I am pro-backpacks for the following reasons:

1. Your hands are free (important for bike riding adventures or cold days when you want to keep them warm in pockets)

2. Takes up less space on the subway (my gym bag and purse alone make up a whole other person)

3. They are reminiscent of my childhood years – sigh, youth

4. You can make a dramatic exit by swooping it onto your back

5. It can casually be worn as a purse if you just carry it on one shoulder

Although, I’m a little over the PS1, you can’t help but have a popular bag, and thus, I wish them all the same luck with their backpack. Where’s my Proenza lunch box that goes inside? Matching leather thermos anyone?



proenza backpack