picnic time

Yay! It’s spring. I think this coming weekend I’m going to pack a picnic. I’ll grab a baguette for these sandwiches, watermelon for something sweet and currently can’t get enough of roasted chickpeas so bringing these and these for snacks. Vino on the side of course and cheese for dessert!

Stop by Provisions for all the picnic ware you need:







If my picnic involved a grill, this would be happening.

And most importantly, my picnic sandals.



the french, I mean five, minute face

I was reading an article about Lola Rykiel in April’s Harper’s Bazaar, and couldn’t help but share this quote:

‘I don’t put on makeup in the morning, only at night when I go out. In the day I feel like it’s cheating.”


Lola Rykiel – PR director of her Grandmother’s fashion brand, Sonia Rykiel.

I was out to dinner with my friend Julie the other night and we were both talking about how we rushed home from our respective meet-ups to change before we met up for dinner. She mentioned she even put on mascara for the occasion. I countered with the fact that I went over the top by putting on eye liner. (This means I used light pencil eyeliner then smudged it so it’s basically invisible, but I still feel like I’m uber-glam for the evening.)

While I will never be found makeup free at the office, I feel like I can relate to Lola’s feeling towards makeup. For me less is more, less is easier, less is better. I feel best with mascara, something on my cheeks and rosy lips. My current five minute routine is below:

Sunscreen – this is a WHOLE other topic.

My blush.

My bronzer.

My eyebrows and this.

My mascara.

My lips.

My bold lips.

On the weekends I wear even less makeup. It’s mascara and some lip gloss, hair up and hat on.

How much makeup do you wear? Could you ever go a day without wearing makeup like Lola?

**Just found out they have one with SPF – ordering in bulk now.


A francophone moment

Have you ever been in a conversation about the perfect baguette? Maybe croissant?

It’s so french, n’est pas? Sadly I was trying to think of the American equivalent. What do we ask? Oh, where does one find the perfect cupcake? Eeek.


Mwahah…I got one!

I just recently got into a conversation about baguettes with someone, she was English, naturally. Europeans put a high importance on their baguettes, while American women tend to pass on bread baskets, pffff. I appreciate anyone on a whole who can have a full conversation about a singular food item. Her favorite was at Maison Kayser. I threw out Balthazaar Bakery, which someone else shot down.

Anyone have a favorite baguette in NYC?




MICHI – Let’s go for a run!

I can’t help but agree that wearing cute workout clothes make me feel good when I’m on the go. My go-to gym items are jackets or long sleeve tops with sleeves that extend over your hands to keep them extra warm, and at the end of last summer, I fell in love with wearing biking shorts. Did anyone else go through a phase of wearing these during elementary school in bright colors (Ahem, MELISSA? Anyone?). I don’t know why, maybe it’s my fondness for spinning these days, but I love the look and rarely wear true running shorts anymore.

Currently I’m obsessed with the line Michi and their super sexy looks. If these pieces don’t spark you to go to the gym/run on the Westside Highway, I don’t know what will! My favorite pieces:

Anyone who has ever shopped with me knows I have a fondness for rompers…and the color black. This look makes me reminiscent of my gymnastic days, but I don’t think I could pull it off, but this one piece, I LOVE:


Medusa Jumpsuit, $395 – I think this would be a perfect layering piece for runs in the cold or pair with a cozy sweater and you are ready to go ANYWHERE. I would have lived in this this past winter.

What’s your go-to workout look?

Happy Friday!



PS – my jam of the week.