the french, I mean five, minute face

I was reading an article about Lola Rykiel in April’s Harper’s Bazaar, and couldn’t help but share this quote:

‘I don’t put on makeup in the morning, only at night when I go out. In the day I feel like it’s cheating.”

Lola Rykiel – PR director of her Grandmother’s fashion brand, Sonia Rykiel.

I was out to dinner with my friend Julie the other night and we were both talking about how we rushed home from our respective meet-ups to change before we met up for dinner. She mentioned she even put on mascara for the occasion. I countered with the fact that I went over the top by putting on eye liner. (This means I used light pencil eyeliner then smudged it so it’s basically invisible, but I still feel like I’m uber-glam for the evening.)

While I will never be found makeup free at the office, I feel like I can relate to Lola’s feeling towards makeup. For me less is more, less is easier, less is better. I feel best with mascara, something on my cheeks and rosy lips. My current five minute routine is below:

Sunscreen – this is a WHOLE other topic.

My blush.

My bronzer.

My eyebrows and this.

My mascara.

My lips.

My bold lips.

On the weekends I wear even less makeup. It’s mascara and some lip gloss, hair up and hat on.

How much makeup do you wear? Could you ever go a day without wearing makeup like Lola?

**Just found out they have one with SPF – ordering in bulk now.


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