I couldn’t get rid of the description I’d written of myself from 2010 (!!! – I was a BABY) so I’ve left it here in italics with a few updates. So much in my life has changed since I wrote those words, but in so many ways, it’s all very much the same.

I couldn’t come up with a thousand words per picture, probably for the best, but here’s a few…

[2010] i’m an advocate of red lipstick

[2017] But let’s be real, I live in clear Aquaphor or any clear gloss with SPF.

[2010] gorgeous, fresh flowers always

brighten my day

[2017] And I have tried every dating app to figure out who can bring these to me on a regular basis.

[2010] i have a little crush on frenchies 

(french bulldogs), but in truth my heart belongs

to big, friendly yellow labs – shout out

to my bestie blue (boooo)

[2017] RIP Blue. I will always love you. I now have a new found love for my family cat Crash, and my favorite dog is Thacker (a Springer Spaniel who lives in TriBeCa).


[2010] if in Paris I have to stop by Patrick Roger to 

pick up some chocolate – a necessity for life 

[2017] Chocolate is still one of my favorite food groups especially when paired with it’s best friend, red wine. My new favorite chocolate store is this one in SF.

[2010] i love the holiday season

[2017] I think that was more to an ode of my love for NYC during the cozy winter months. Now I just love any season where I’m traveling with a friend.


[2010] salted carmel sunday at ABC Kitchen is my

favorite dessert in the city

[2017] Still true. You know your friends care about you (and you know when you talk about your dessert obsessions often) when they ask if you’ve gotten your sundae (above) and banana bread before leaving town.


[2010] you can usually find me wandering 

through the farmer’s market on the weekend

[2017] My friend recently told me that her cousin is having her wedding at the Grand Canyon because they are both really outdoorsy. I told her, based on my hobbies, my wedding would be at the Whole Foods hot bar. (TriBeCa location – duh). Once I moved out of the Union Square area my farmers market trips took a down turn, but I do still love them.

[2010] The two cities that have stolen my heart.

[2017] This still rings true. NYC, I will always love you, and we all know I’m moving to England so that I can go to Paris on the weekends.

  Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur.



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