Favorite Street…

I’m a passionate person and can name you my favorite places in NYC, Houston and Paris – the trifecta cities of my life. So I couldn’t help but pass along this article from the NY Times about their favorite streets in each city. I LOVE this!

New York is hard. So many streets to choose from – so many nooks and crannies, but I would have to say that I love Grove Street in the West Village, Elizabeth Street in Nolita and I LOVE sitting on the West Side Highway once summer hits – although that’s not really a street. If you are every walking with me through out town you’ll also know there are streets I HATE – see all major cross town streets such as 14th, 34th, etc. Houston is OK at times.

Buvette on Grove Street

Buvette on Grove Street

Do you have a favorite street in your city? Article below.




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MMM & Galliano

I know I’m behind here in posting this – but did you hear…


I’m beyond excited to see what Galliano brings to the Maison Margiela house. I first fell in love with Maison Margiela when I saw their classic Tabi boots. Completely obsessed, and have loved them every since for their simplistic designs that are seemingly cutting edge. I remember walking down Bleeker Street and pausing in front of a new store front thinking, I don’t know what this is but I love the look – and I looked up – MM6.

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Launch Party An Unknown Quantity New York Fashion Street Style Blog1


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His first show for the house is today in London, around tea time! Can’t wait to see.



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a foodie focus

Hola mes amis.

It was a beautiful long weekend here in NYC. I’m dreaming of warmer weather, but know that once the summer heat hits, I’ll be dreaming of fall.

I went here yesterday with some friends for lunch, and we all LOVED it. I feel like a lot of trendy veggie-focused casual restaurants are popping up. A couple years ago there was basically Liquiteria for the juicing scene and  that was it. Now, if you don’t offer a kale salad you’re so behind the times. As long as they don’t charge me too much for my avocado toast, I’m on board.

For Anna and Blake, a list below of my favorite veggie/vegan/raw places to dine out on the town:

Casual, pick-up and to-go friendly:

The Butchers Daughter – goddess of green juice, egg sandwich platter


Souen – macro plate please and homemade corn bread

Angelica Kitchen – so many options and must get Mu tea

Hu Kitchen – curried sweet potatoes, any of their vegan crackers they always have out to sample and mash bowls – I love popping in to pick something up on the weekends after Sunday yoga, great wifi and people watching too!

Candle Cafe – For those uptown in need of a vegan fix.

Mulberry and Vine – cauliflower, brussel sprouts, avocado toast on the weekend (TriBeCa represent!!)


Dimes – Amazing veggie bowls, but super small so don’t plan going with a big group

Whynot Coffee & Wine – vegan cookies

Restaurants (more so farm to table vs. health focus, veggies still in the spotlight):

Wild – great for groups, big salads and yummy gluten free pizzas

ABC Kitchen – kabocha squash tartine and ice cream sundae!!!

The Fat Radish – avocado toast with poached eggs

Pure Food and Wine – vegan lasagna and mint sundae please


Dying to try – Narcissa – has anyone been?!

Honorable mentions:

Rockin’ RawSpring Street NaturalCandle 79

Anyone who wants to go get almond milk lattes and discuss life over fresh veggie juice lemme know.

For those of you who want to go eat cheese, drink red wine and eat dark chocolate – well you’re already on speed dial…

Here’s to a happy and healthy week.



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weekend update

Sometimes the best moments are the ones that you just happen upon. This city was made for spontaneous adventures…
Cookies with the check?! YES, PLEASE!
Enjoying the adorable and yummy brunch spot Joseph Leonard.

‘Regarding Warhol’ at the MET. Just a little Monday after work cultural activity. Silver cloud room I see you in my dreams.

What do you do after grabbing coffee at Cafe Grumpy, people watching on the Highline and shopping at Chelsea Market? Why you purchase some vino at the Chelsea Wine Vault for a spontaneous dinner at Tartine.
PS – It’s BYOB (bring your own bubbly!!)
Just throwing together some smitten kitchen coffee toffee for Thanksgiving.
CP bike ride!
 My new haunt is the West Village. You will easily find me just wandering down Bleeker Street. Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro and Maje all in a row…why do they punish me so!?
I love Grand Central.
Sometimes on the weekend I find myself at Buvette, bar seat please. Americano and steamed eggs – sigh I dream of thee.

We will take one english bulldog and one black frenchie to go.
 I’m in love.

She’s still at the pet store…

but I think I’ll name her Lola.

If you could get any kind of dog what would it be?

It would be a LBD for me.



new look

I’m getting my haircut today and am a bit nervous – as always. It’s currently pretty long, about an inch shorter than Mary-Kate’s in the picture below (she’s on the left.) I am aiming for a shorter length – similar to Ashley’s on the right. Although I love having long hair, it’s a bit too much for me at the moment, and I’m ready for a change…and a fabulous blowout to start off my weekend – duh!
Go get your hair blownout and go somewhere fabulous tonight. I recommend Dry Bar in NYC or Blow Dry Bar in Houston. You deserve it!

How long is your hair? 

bis bis,